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SafeHaven Sanctuary - Our mission

  • To provide a life sanctuary for farm animals who may be injured, sick, or like Kyloe was, simply born small and sickly.
    Whether its a rabbit, pig, goat, cow or any other farm animal, our goal is to give them a place they can call home without the worry of being slaughtered simply because they are no longer wanted.

  • To give them a place they can live out the rest of their natural lives with love and affection.  

  • To educate the general public and local schoolchildren through tours,  field trips,  and outreach programs,  on how to take proper care of a pet, no matter the size, and to help them understand the needs of that specific pet, so that they will be more aware of what being responsible for that life, really means. 

  • To assist animal owners in finding solutions to behavior issues or other concerns that may cause the owner to later reject that animal.

  • To serve as a central location for local rescue groups to host adoption days,  rabies clinics,  and guest speakers on topics such as animal husbandry, farm management, veterinary care and the handling of livestock or the training of companion animals.

  • To act as a secure facility if needed,  by local law enforcement and animal control officers.


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How you can help

SafeHaven Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity and is solely funded by animal lovers across the globe.  Please consider making your tax deductible contribution by clicking on one of the links below.







How it came to be.

"Thistle Do Farm originally started out as just a simple hobby farm... but it quickly became apparent that Hamish and Kyloe had a bigger purpose in life.  One of the most amazing things that I've learned since I started posting the videos, is seeing the bond I share with my Highlands, give people hope.  The stories I get from people who offer me thanks and encouragement when they're sometimes at their lowest,  is humbling."

"I'm in awe of the ones who are fighting much bigger battles than we are, yet still find the strength to encourage us and show us support.  There's no way for me to begin to pay that back".  But maybe we can pay it forward. 

 SafeHaven Sanctuary isn't here because of one man.  Or the animals under his care.  SafeHaven Sanctuary is here because of you. All of you.

Thank you, all

Marc Stewart, owner - Thistle Do Farm

Director/President, SafeHaven Sanctuary, Inc.


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