SafeHaven Sanctuary, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions



We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to the care and well being of sick, abused or unwanted farm animals.   We officially gained our nonprofit status in August of 2021. 


        The idea behind SafeHaven Sanctuary is a long held dream of Marc Stewart.  He spent most of his adult life working with animals as a dog trainer, Veterinary technician, working for animal control and so on.  After buying Thistle Do Farm, he started taking in animals that were rescues, unwanted, born outside of a breed standard and/or abused.  The popularity of Hamish and Kyloe over the last few years has provided the support needed to expand on that dream..and so, SafeHaven Sanctuary was born.


        The farm itself, the land and the house are known as Thistle Do Farm.    This will remain the name of the farm, while acting as a home for SafeHaven Sanctuary.


        Please make sure you are finding the right SafeHaven (one word) Sanctuary, as there are many with similar names.  Our Official name is SafeHaven Sanctuary, Inc – located in Thaxton Virginia.  Tax ID EIN 83-4356951



    Yes, you can mail a check.  Just be aware that it may take much longer to get a receipt for your donation and you must specifically ask for one.  The mailing address is:  

    SafeHaven Sanctuary 

    102 Meadowcrest Ln. 

    Thaxton, Virginia 24174


        There are many actions you can take to spread the word about SafeHaven!  You can start your own fundraiser with the proceeds going to the sanctuary.  You can share our links, posts and videos so your friends and family can see!


        Although donations go to the sanctuary as a whole, if you would like your donation to go towards a specific animal, let us know and we will do our very best to direct it towards that animal’s care.  There may be circumstances when this is not possible. 


        There are many things having to do with the farm itself, that can't be covered by sanctuary donations.  The fees and sales help offset in a very small way, the thousands of dollars the farm pays out for these other expenses.


        We do allow visitors and volunteers conditionally.

  1. Everyone will be required to sign a waiver/hold harmless agreement.  No exceptions.
  2. Anyone wishing to visit the farm  must contact us at least one week prior to your visit in order for us to schedule a convenient time that will work for everyone.
  3. Volunteers must schedule working days and times prior to showing up.