The Horses





Shiloh is Thistle Do Farm’s queen of the pasture. She came to us from a horse rescue not long after we moved to the farm. She was a racehorse in Pennsylvania and her owners decided to get rid of her after learning she had a condition called Moon Blindness when she was about 2 years old. She ended up at a local horse rescue and that’s where we found her and brought her home. Moon Blindness is like having cataracts but it’s very painful for horses and eventually blinds them. Though she will lose her sight one day, we’ve been able to hold it off for a few additional years thanks to advances in medicine. Our matriarch is in her 20s now and was the first to be adopted.



Hopi is a Mustang. She and her mama were rounded up with other wild Mustangs on the Utah plains by the Bureau of Land Management. Her first owner wasn’t able to take care of her or any of his other animals, so Animal Control was about to come in and take them. We heard about it through a friend and were able to work out a deal and bring her home. She quickly bonded with Shiloh, who has been like a mother to her. Hopi can outrace, outrun and outlast any of the other horses without breaking a sweat – she’s a tough little girl and a Mustang through and through!



Our resident gelding earned his name from his fairly miraculous birth. His mama was badly injured while being transported in a horse trailer that was in bad shape – her foot ended up going through the floor and onto the highway. By the time the driver could be stopped, her lower leg had been shredded to the bone. The veterinarian was called out to put her down but ended up having a strong connection with her and wanted to try and save her.

About two weeks into her treatment, we found out she was pregnant. With all the pain meds we were giving her, there wasn’t much hope for a healthy baby. But we were in for a surprise. In the middle of the night during Hurricane Hugo, a perfect and healthy Ripley was born. His miracle birth was a  "Believe it or not" moment, which is how he got the name Ripley...Believe it or not.  His mama also pulled through and is a permanent – and very spoiled – resident at the horse rescue.