Farm Visitation


Lots of folks have been asking if we allow visitors to our farm. You may be one of them.

Yes we do.... with a few rules/guidelines that we ask people to follow:

  1. Anyone wishing to interact with any of the animals will be required to sign a waiver form before entering the paddock, pasture or field.
  2. You must contact us at least one week prior to your visit in order for us to schedule a convenient time that will work for both of us. Less than one week notice will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  3. No one with inappropriate footwear will be allowed into the pastures , paddocks or pens. This includes sandals, gators or any open toed shoe.
  4. You are free to touch or rub them, but we ask that you do not grab Hamish or Kyloe by the horn.
  5. Smoking is not allowed within 100 ft of any barn, building or structure, except in designated areas.
  6. Please do not bring any food or snacks for any of the animals without asking beforehand. Some are on a restricted diet which may be thrown off by your snacks and some can be dangerous to the animals....(Hamish likes Saltine crackers..but salt overdose can be deadly to Siggy or Ginny.)
  7. Leave gates as you find them (if it's open, leave it open....if it's closed, leave it closed.)

That's about it for now. Having said all that, I invite you all to come visit and hang out with us as your schedule permits